Dr Shi Acupuncture Clinic

Commonly Treated Conditions


Pain Relief 

Headaches,     Migraines,      Back pain,         Neck/Shoulder Pain,      Sciatica,

Knee Pain,       Arthritis,         Fibromyalgia,

Musculoskeletal & Neurological:
Carpal tunnel Syndrom,       Tennis elbow,         Tendonitis, rqk_adh_fig2-bb
Trigeminal neuralgia,           Sport injuries,         TMJ,
Herniated discs,                   Muscle  Sprains,    Limb Numbness,                           Neuralgia,              Stroke,  
Multiple sclerosis.                Bell’s Palsy,           Vertigo,
Tinnitus,                               Restless Leg Syndrome


Lung Conditions:
Asthma,        Sinusitis,        Colds & flu,              Cough,                        Bronchitis, 


abdominalexam   IBS,                        Diarrhea,                     Constipation,
   Ulceration,              Gastritis,                     Indigestion, 
   Stomach pain,        Heart burning,             Hepatitis,  
   GERD (Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disorder),  
Psychological Disorders:
Depression,                            Insomnia,              Stress/Anxiety,            Panic attacks, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,   ADD,
Uro-Genital Disorders:
Infections of the Urinary Tract,                   Sexual dysfunction.             Incontinence,
Prostate hypertrophy,         Kidney diseases,   pragnent 
Gynecology & Obstetrics:
Premenstrual Syndrome,    Infertility.            Fibroids,               Menstrual pain,              Menopause Symptoms,   Irregular menstruation. 


Urticaria,       Acne,             Burns,                      Eczema,                        Psoriasis


Heart Problems:
Chest pain/angina,             Hypertension,          High cholesterol.          Palpitations,  
Other Benefits:chinese-herbs
Accident complication,      Weight loss,           Face lift,                            Energy Balance,     Smoking Cessation,          Cancer therapy,     Thyroid disorders,             Diabetes, 
Adjust immune function,