Dr Shi Acupuncture Clinic

Aimee T

I first visited Dr. Shi almost three years ago with stomach issues, stomach pain, severe reflux, and trouble sleeping. I was losing weight and had difficulty eating anything other than rice and applesauce. I was very sick. After about three visits I was able to start eating again and was sleeping better. The reflux and pain took longer to resolve, but after about six months I was feeling much better. Now I visit Dr. Shi once a month for maintenance treatments. Dr. Shi helped me regain my health and my quality of life. He is kind, listens well, and is very compassionate.

Em Bee Tee

Dr. Shi is AMAZING! We were referred to him by another happy patient of his. He has successfully treated a chronic lung condition, severe stomach pains, allergic reactions, and the common cold for our family. He is an extremely kind, caring man and takes all the time needed to understand your concerns. He even explains why things are occurring and how to prevent reoccurrence. This is what acupuncture is all about. Thank you, Dr. Shi for taking such incredible care of our family!!


Domingo G

I first went to Dr. Shi with terrible shoulder pain. I’ve tried numerous doctors before but none made the pain go away but Dr. Shi helped me get better in only a couple treatments! He is a very experienced, nice, and knowledgeable man and is well with massages and acupuncture. I highly recommend him as he is one of the few extremely good doctors in my area.


Masa Z

I came to doctor with bad sciatica pain and he was the only one that could ease my pain!He was recommended to me by a friends mother and even he is also a professor of acupuncture teaching his own class he is a very humble and knowledgable man.He also has another office in Fort Lauderdale.He also has a good price and takes time to talk to you and treat you so you really feel like he cares!


Nicole S.

Dr. Shi is wonderful. He is friendly, kind, and incredibly knowledgable at what he does. He has a genuine concern for his patients and goes out of his way to help them and heal them. I would recommend him highly to anyone experiencing pain or a chronic condition.


Coral B
This is a review of Dr. Yuexian Shi, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I went to Dr. Shi for debilitating pain I had in my ankle, I was unable to walk. I was told by an Orthopedic Specialist I needed an operation. I was suffering with severe arthritis, bone on bone and a bone chip. My cardiologist would not approve the surgery. That left me trying to deal with the pain every day not only my ankle, but back pain and headaches. I was unable to go shopping or social events. Then a friend told me about Dr. Shi. He had success with his treatment, and recommended I try Dr. Shi. I am pleased to tell you after three months, I am able to walk free of pain in my ankle. My back pain is improved and my headaches are gone. I highly recommend Dr. Shi he worked miracles for me.

Henry C
I found myself with a sore and nearly immobile shoulder (commonly and depressingly called “50 Year Old Shoulder”). I am very active with gardening, aerobics, and gym workouts, so having a painful shoulder was restricting my lifestyle, not to mention waking me up at night. Someone told me to go to my physician and get a cortisone shot, which seemed like putting a band-aid on the problem, another told me to get a massage, which did nothing. Finally a friend suggested going to an acupuncturist, and recommended Dr. Shi. I had not been to an acupuncturist before, and was a bit apprehensive. But after 4 or 5 hour-long sessions with Dr. Shi my shoulder is feeling fantastic and my life is back to normal, which (best of all) includes sleeping through the night. Dr. Shi is friendly, concerned, helpful, and professional, and I highly recommend him. Thank you, Dr. Shi!

Willem HP
Fore years ago I had my night hip replaced by an orthopedic surgeon. I have had much pain since then, using crutches and a cane to help me ambulate. I recently had a few treatments from Dr 7439853_origShi. After the second treatment, almost all the pain is gone.

Dr Shi is a very intelligent physician and constantly monitors my condition throughout each treatment. Dr Shi is a credit to his profession. I am fortunate to b under his care.

James F

I have been a patient of Dr Shi for several months and have recommended his clinic to my friends. I had been keeping the pain in my low back for many years. I was told by my family doctor that surgery was the only solution. I tried acupuncture under this situation at Dr Shi’s office. Just after several treatments, my pain was markedly decreased. Now, I can’t recall the last time I had a bout of pain on my back.
Because that was so effective, I asked Dr Shi to treat other problems such as dizziness and headache, I was delighted with the immediate and persistent relief that acupuncture provided. Recently, with his assistance, I was successful quiet cigarettes. Dr. Shi is a very gifted and talented healer. Her expertise in the field of acupuncture has been more than extremely helpful to me and many people I know for long time.

Dominigue C

When I first come to Dr. Shi’ Acupuncture office to ask about acupuncture as a treatment for depression and stress, I was immediately impressed by his willingness to answer my long list of questions. It became clear that he was very knowledgeable and highly skilled at what she does. He careful checked my situation and explained the treatment procedure.

Dr. Shi’s treatment program, a combination of acupuncture, herbs, and Tui na, a Chinese massage, is unique among acupuncture practitioners in the Fort Lauderdale area. I have had very positive experiences and great results with my treatments. She has a very gentle needle technique which would make anyone who may be needle phobic very comfortable.

After ten weeks treatment, I am happy to report that I no longer take any medications for depression. I re-gain my energy and have improved my sleep dramatically.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Kang Yun Acupuncture Center.